Education and Cooperation

Our main objective is to train students both academically and practically in the context of a space project. By providing hands-on experiences and an insight into scientific work, we strive to inspire students for engineering and kick-start their career in the space industry. Over the course of the project, we put to test our own designs and validate new ideas.

As a good balance between cost of components and complexity of the system a CubeSat has been selected.

The competences are currently being setup on the technical campus of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, short DHBW) Ravensburg. The student groups are guided by DHBW alumni and engineers with experience from the space industry organized in the registered association SeeSat e.V.

Science Mission

Developing the know-how on building a CubeSat forms the second objective of the mission. From the DHBW the knowledge shall spread to Africa. The idea is for students from African universities to participate in the development of the CubeSat as well as during its operational phase. As a common goal and as the third objective the satellite’s payload shall be used for bush fire monitoring on earth.