We are SeeSat

SeeSat is the CubeSat mission of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Ravensburg, Campus Friedrichshafen. The goal of the project is to develop and build a nano satellite, which will be launche to LEO to colleced data about bush fire around the globe. The main benefit is the self-contained acquisition of know-how and experice in the development of CubeSat technology at the campus in Friedrichshafen.

SeeSat e.V.

SeeSat is not only the name of the project but also of the non-profit-organisation, which supports the successful launch of the satellite.

Our organisation consists of a executive board of three and of serveral volunteering contributers. Our work is the guidence and coordination of the studens working on the development of the nano satellite, organizing workshops for the know-how transfer and the development of markting and finanzing strategies of the project.

Executive Board

Isabella Kullmer-Ispas


Brendan Berg

Member Management

Dennis D’Argento


Project Management Team

Andreas Murschall

Project Management

Florian Riedesser

Founding / Marketing

Nils Teichmann


Volunteering Specialists

Stefan Wertheimer

System Engineering & OnBoard Software

Antonius Adler

Mission Analysis &
Attitude Control

Leon Büttner


Bryndis Kern

Structure & Mechanisms

Corrado Barbaro


Paul Droste


Max Julius Bode


Hannah Feiler

Antenna Development

Julian Huster